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Community Support

The Create Well Project is based in Gloucestershire and we love to inspire groups of people so that they can develop their skills, self belief, and confidence in an inclusive, and supportive space.


We believe that art and crafting is an awesome wellbeing tool that can be enjoyed everyone at any stage in their life. It allows everyone to engage in arts and crafts as equals, no matter what their age, ability and issues they may be currently facing in their life..

Sustainability is high on our list of priorities and this is reflected in our products and all the materials that we use.

We have experience of creating craft courses and workshops for both adults and children of all abilities and we can providing you with sessions tailored to suit your groups specific needs. 


We have already worked with groups from Hope Cirencester, Creative Connections, and Art Shape in Gloucester.  We specialise in working with groups of people who have additional learning needs ,or who are facing social, emotional or mental health challenges.


We are DBS accredited and have many years of experience of working with groups of children, and adults alike.

If you are an organization, looking to offer an art or craft activity to  help your specific community support, or health group, then please get in touch. to discuss how we can support you.

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