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Face Painting, Arm painting and Paint Tattoos


Our Paints & Practices

We use only the highest quality professional face paint - our favourite brand is Fusion. These paints are vegan and are not tested on animals, are hypoallergenic and paraben free. We only use FDA approved paints in the UK that are safe for cosmetic use. 

We are eco conscious, and do our best to limit waste at large events and parties. We use reusable tools and incorporate high hygiene standards. Our glitter is always biodegradable and cosmetic grade. 

We only paint children over the age of three years and are unable to paint over sore/broken skin. 

Facepainting on male child
Arm Painting
Paint tattoo
Arm painting

Other Options

Paint Tattoo party                                        

We have a large range of 'tattoo' designs from unicorns to pokemon, harry potter to superheroes and many more. We can accommodate larger numbers due to the quick nature of these designs. Great for older children or those who do not like lots of paint. 


Arm Painting

We can also paint the arm rather than the face, however as it can take around 5 to 10 minutes for a simple design it is only available for smaller groups. 

Package Party 

We can create a themed party with a range of activities including any of the following:

  • Paint tattoes

  • Glitter tattoos

  • Hair braiding. 

Pay per face 
We are also happy to work on a pay per face basis for fundraisers and community events with a limited budget.

Face Painting Prices

The information below is designed to give you a rough idea of our service costs for children's parties or private events. Quotes are given individually depending on your numbers and event duration plus a small travel fee to your location. Most of our designs can be painted on the arm if preferred. 

Small Party                                                    From £35
Up to 10 people 
Painting for one hour duration may inclu
de faces, arms and paint tattoos time permitting. 

One painter

Standard Party                                                  From £65
Up to 24 people
Painting provided for two hours -may include faces, arms and paint tattoos time permitting. 
One painter

Longer parties and additional guests will incur an additional charge which will be provided within your quote. Up to three painters can be also be provided for larger events.

Face painting

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