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Lisa is our Head Crafter and leads craft workshops and private lessons at the Create Well Project. She is a multi passionate creative specialising in art, craft, crochet and digital design. She is a big fan of animals, enjoys horse riding and aerial sling and never turns down a strong cuppa and piece of cake. She has always loved been creative, and feels lucky to have grown up in a crafting family. From a young age she was encouraged by talented creative women and was lucky enough to play in treasure boxes of fabric, buttons and threads. Lisa went on to get her degree BA Hons Fine Art Painting and Drawing and has shared her skills working in education for 12 years. The Create Well Project is Lisa’s dream combining all her passions. She loves sharing skills and aims to provide a fun, safe, learning space for creative people to come together, boost confidence and experience the benefits of art and craft for wellbeing. Lisa believes that creativity is an amazing self care tool for maintaining positive mental health. Lisa also loves to work with young people, students and volunteers to provide opportunities for others.



Lorraine is our amazing creative assistant, you’ll see her at most workshops helping to set up, offering you tea and biscuits and helping beginners to grasp the crochet basics. She is a talented creative herself and likes to join in with lots of workshops. She is skilled in crochet and makes beautiful delicate bobbin lace. Lorraine is a kind, bubbly character and likes meeting people. She loves her cats and enjoys fostering for a local rescue centre. Ask her about Smokey and Louie.



We are rescue pups and fluff monsters Beano and Baloo! We love you and anything you are eating or doing. Our job is to be Lisa’s furry support network and we specialise in general joy bringing, laughter and playing with unicorn and Christmas llama. We’re not allowed to come to workshops, but you might meet us at the home studio. Remember to say hello and expect big wags and bum wiggles.

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