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Hair Braiding 

hair braiding on girl

In Hair Braiding Appointments

Looking for a lovely treat, or in addition to a sleepover with a friend! Appointments are either based at our location in Churchdown or we can travel to your home (small fee applies). 

You can choose from wrap braids or plaited braids. 

  • The threads in wrap braids are woven around a section of hair with colours alternated to create stripes and patterns.

  • With plaited braids, the threads chosen are plaited with a section of your own hair. 


We only use high quality embroidery thread in our braids and have a wide selection of colours and glitter threads to choose from. Braids are finished off with beads of your choice. 

Your Wrap braid appointment may take around 40mins - 1 hr dependant on hair length. Plaited braids are often a little quicker to apply taking 30-40 mins. Braids can last 2+ weeks in the hair when care is taken with drying, brushing and styling. 


Hair Braiding at Parties & Events

We can provide a range of pre made hair braids which are secured into the hair with micro beads. These are a soft plastic bead with silicone lining to protect the hair from damage.


The bead is threaded onto a strand of hair and secured with plyers which flattens the bead, connecting it to the hair. 

Micro beads can last up to two weeks or even more in the hair and can be easily remove by squashing the bead open and sliding the braid from the hair. 

hair braiding on two girls
hair braiding on girl


Wrap Braid 
£15 short hair (above shoulders)
£20 Medium hair (shoulder length)
£25 - £30 long hair (beyond shoulders)

Plaited Braid
£10 short to long hair
£15 very long hair 

Included are a choice of 5 threads from a selection of colours and glitter threads and beads. 

If you would like to check which price category you fit into, please send an enquiry with a photo of the hair from the back when it is down. 

Micro Bead Braids
From £5 per person including fitting. Package prices can be provided for parties. 

examples of different hair braids available

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We are based in Churchdown, Gloucester

07896 884121

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