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Start your crochet journey the best way with our workbook carefully designed for beginners. As a crochet teacher of three years, I have taught many beginners to crochet and those that have dabbled but have got stuck along the way.

This 20+ page workbook includes three patterns designed for easy use that are written in full, no gobbledegook here! The common stitch abbreviations are mentioned at the top of each pattern, so that you can start to familiarise yourself, without feeling like you’re trying to interpret another language!

The patterns I’ve included are a chain flower, circular coaster and traditional granny square. The workbook also shows you how to slip stitch, chain, work in rows and gives you all my best tips and tricks. The transferable skills you learn in this workbook will give you confidence to tackle other projects.

There are lots of full colour step by step photos and diagrams with instructions explaining the steps to help you too.

Beginners Crochet Workbook - Paper Physical Version

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